Consistency redefined.

A few days ago I blogged about being the most inconsistent person in the universe.I said I was okay with that....  but I'm reconsidering.I think that I have always seen the word "consistent" to mean something good, but always as something that I couldn't achieve.  I happen to be, for better or worse, a person of... Continue Reading →

The person you don’t call

I have had a lot of friends, and I have lost a lot of friends.  Friends come and go, it's just a fact of life.  Someone once told me that relationships are funny things...  sometimes they just fall apart.  People change, grow in different directions, lose touch. Sometimes relationships end in emotionally violent ways.  I've... Continue Reading →

Up Yours, Romney.

I am an American citizen.  Born and raised here.  My feet have never even touched foreign soil. I have always believed in the American Dream.  Work hard and you will be successful.  I have also always believed that when you reach success you should turn around and give back to those behind you. I have... Continue Reading →

Just don’t know what to say…

I know that it's oddly ironic that I haven't blogged since I wrote the blog about whether or not I should continue blogging... Fact is, I just don't know what to say right now. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to say and I'm able to put it all into words.  Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

Think before you speak.

I almost deleted my blog today. I was sitting here last night, in my normal spot at the dining room table, with my oldest kid sitting right across from me, and I was considering the possibility of writing for a small local online news source.  They're just starting up, they don't have a lot of... Continue Reading →

Simple Living Manifesto: The List

I found this great article about simplifying your life. My life is in need of serious simplification.  I've been so stressed and overwhelmed lately.  Too much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Lately I have felt a need to get rid of the clutter, learn to be... Continue Reading →

Wishing for bankruptcy

I talked to a bankruptcy attorney tonight. I was raised to believe that the right thing to do is to pay off your debts.  That it's wrong to just declare bankruptcy.  But after 18 years of struggle, I've about had enough. For the past 18 years I have done everything I am supposed to do. ... Continue Reading →

OMG Make it STOP!

I was planning for today to be relatively relaxing.  We had to do some general cleaning (a couple loads of laundry and the usual daily stuff), we needed to go shopping but the hubby usually handles that, and that was about it.  Well, and the hour and a half of driving we had to do... Continue Reading →

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