Christmas Gifts & Foster Children

Angel Trees. Those trees you see every year around the holidays, covered with tags on which are written the names, ages, and wishlists of children in need. You've seen them, right??   They can typically be found in the malls as well as at your local Walmart, Kmart, and various other department stores. Name: Michael... Continue Reading →

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I emailed the Guardian ad Litem program this morning to let them know that I was no longer interested in volunteering with their program.  I was disappointed in a way, but relieved at the same time. A Guardian ad Litem, in case you didn't already know, is a volunteer who works with children in foster... Continue Reading →

The Start of a Conversation

I'd like to have a conversation about the inefficiencies of government. HUGE topic...  I know... but bear with me, please. I have a feeling this will turn into a series of posts, but let me just start with the basics. I think that the first sign of a real problem, for me at least, was... Continue Reading →

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